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2013   Yoo Hye-Sook





I have desired to draw, but could not find any proper object to draw. At that time I began drawing tiny objects in different scale with just one pencil and white paper. I realized drawing is one of the most candid, immediate ways through which I could encapsulate what I imagine and dream.


I approach a drawing by listening to what an object tells me. I repeatedly draw the object so as to approach it more closely and to hear what it says more clearly. This continuous action is perhaps the moment when I wait for a determined encounter with the object. By repeating a word, it sounds awkward: as such, this way of drawing serves as momentum for me to realize the meaning of the object in a fresh manner.


The meeting of my inner self and objects as a painter can be a motivation to generate intrinsic pictorial space with time. This assumes the role of seeing another ‘I’ and being organically associated with the external world through objects. All takes place when others infiltrate my world.


As I let the object come close to me, I watch the objects passing by me. I expect an encounter with another object, be it matter or non-matter. This is probably because I have an expectation about how my inner world projected onto objects is “becoming” painting.


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